About Us

Meet Nikki and Lulu.  These two girls were left abandoned in a pile of trash a few blocks from home. I was out walking my dog, Blankita, when I found them. So of course, I took them home!

Although many efforts were made to find them a family, this was a difficult task where I lived at that time in the Dominican Republic. Eventually, I simply couldn’t part with them and they became part of our family.
We named them Nikki (right) and Lulu (left), also known as 'the twins'.  They were inseparable and we took them to the beach with us all the time. They loved it! They were a handful as puppies but oh my goodness, did we have fun together!

Sadly, one night while I was traveling outside the country, the sitter contacted me to say Nikki wasn’t well. It wasn’t possible to reach a vet that night so she was taken in early in the morning. Sadly, she passed a few hours after arriving at the vets. We never knew what caused her death.  They suspected she ate something poisonous. Maybe a frog.

The news of her passing was devastating, to say the least. I cancelled my holiday and travelled home quickly to mourn our sweet angel.  We were completely heartbroken.  Her life was too short.

Not long after she passed, I came across a beautiful garden stake (below), a pet memorial, personalized. I knew it would comfort me.  When I received it, I placed it in my garden, under the tree in the front yard, where I could see every morning and say hello to her. Somehow, it gave me peace and I felt her near with this memorial. 

My wish is that others who suffer the sad loss of their pets can find comfort with our memorials.  I named the store after Nikki, because actually, I was Inspired by Nikki, my sweet angel.  R.I.P. Nikki.  I love you always.